Our team has over 15 years of combined industry experience in providing high quality, affordable, embroidery for both large and small business, federal and state governments, non-profits, schools and a variety of sports teams. Our highly skilled team of embroidery experts not only have the knowledge to run complicated machines, but they also know the best way to loop a variety of garments.

When it comes to high quality embroidery, the most important place to start is with your logo. Working with our digitizers, we are able to take most custom logo’s and visualize how the finished product with look. We are often times able to troubleshoot any potential issues before hand, ultimately saving our customers time and money.


Before our team is able to sew your custom logo onto a garment, we need to ensure that the logo is embroidery ready. With our Three Step Process, listed below, we are able to ensure that the highest quality logo is placed onto your garment. Learn more about each step below.


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